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Bounce back, or bounce higher than ever with FarmCash

As farmers prepare for the 2022 growing season with many unknowns for the season looming, there’s one decision you can make that can help you recover from last year’s challenges, or even take your farming operation’s profitability to new heights.

Free up your cash flow

The FarmCash cash advance program is an easy and effective way to protect your farm’s profitability in 2022 at the lowest possible borrowing cost.

This is more than just a loan program

More western Canadian farmers are signing on to FarmCash to meet their short-term needs and enhance their long-term profitability.

FarmCash — more than short-term financing

The program is the same across all four western provinces, with a value proposition based on a high level of customer service, ease of use through the online application form, and a quick turnaround time of advancing funds within three to five business days from receiving a completed application.

Is Risk Management Your Farm’s Weakest Link?

Spring is a time of renewal and optimism on the farm, but there are also many unknowns that lie ahead for 2021.

What Will it Take to Successfully Transition Your Farm to the Next Generation?

With the average age of Canadian farmers closing in on 60, succession planning is top-of-mind for a huge and growing number of Canadian farm families.

FarmCash: A Short-Term Loan for Long-Term Impact

FarmCash is much more than a bridge which provides flexible cash-in-hand before a season’s payments actually roll in. In fact, FarmCash can have a very major positive impact on your farm’s long-term financial health and sustainability.

Why FarmCash is the Right Investment Tool for Producers

A loan is an investment tool that producers can leverage to drive healthy growth for their farm and meet goals efficiently whereas exhausting cash can negatively impact farm working capital.

Maintain and Improve Your Farmland Value with FarmCash

Farmers can enhance the value of their farmland by adopting management practices that will yield the greatest possible returns and maintain the long-term financial sustainability of their farm.

Myth Busting Farm Debt

Farming is an intensive business that requires continual investment to maintain the depreciated value of the farm and its assets. Good debt is a critical tool to achieve business goals efficiently.

FarmCash: Savvy Producers’ Harvest-Time Cash Management Solution

Farming has all kinds of ‘only in farming’ budgeting and cash flow management challenges. Among the hardest is the awkward financial hiccup that hits many farm businesses around harvest.

Managing Your Operation’s Cash Flow

A made-in-Alberta farm business tool offers low interest rates, improved profitability, increased marketing opportunities, simple administration and efficient customer service.

FarmCash: Cash Flow to Help You Grow

The Advance Payments Program offers low-interest cash advances of up to $1 million, with $100,000 interest-free, for up to 18 months on crops and 24 months on livestock. That’s it — no strings, catches or limitations.

FarmCash Can Help Producers Leverage the Best Market Price

In order for a producer to be prepared for variability in market prices and production that could shrink their net profit margins, good cash flow planning with realistic projections are key.

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